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  •  Why do people like to buy from well-known brands?
    1. Authenticity
    2. Well-known brands are well-seen
    3. Brands made it clear
    4. Happy or healthy?
    5. Why do we love to hear stories of how big companies started?
    6. Last but not least, brands show off their competitive points.

Most people mix up Brand Identity and Visual Identity, although they’re related somehow, yet they’re not the same thing.

A visual identity is a small part of the brand identity, which is a package of visuals, sounds, values, goals, and even the history of the company. In marketing, we call it the Brand Personality. So, let’s clear it up. What a Brand Identity really is? And why is it so important?

How important is it to create an identity for your brand, can be formed into a question: Why do people like to buy from well-known brands?

1) Authenticity

you need to trust the product you’re buying, to make sure that it has a minimum quality level and that you’ll receive good customer care and after-sales service. You also need to feel safe from fraud. And this is one of the biggest reasons why people prefer to buy from well-known brands, whenever they can afford to.

Also, that in itself has a backward meaning of TRUST, if you’re creating a brand identity, it’s as if you’re creating a character for it, and if that character is untrusted, then good selfies wouldn’t really help him. So, when you’re creating a brand personality with a beautiful visual identity, you must also work on its heart, which might be translated into good quality, good service, and educated staff.

2) Well-known brands are well-seen

It happens a lot that you see a product which you like very much but it’s out of your purchasing priorities at the moment, so you delay the purchase order, then comes the time when you can move it from the bottom of the wishing list to place an order, but unfortunately, you no longer remember the company name, or how to contact it. 

Many companies are released every single day, and your customers need to reach you easily. That’s why creating a brand personality makes your company easier to be memorized, and makes customers able to remember its name and search for it when they need to.

3) Brands made it clear

In marketing, being misunderstood by your potential customers can cause you a big waste of time and money, it’s known as targeting the wrong type of audience. Imagine that you’re selling supplies for pets, but you keep receiving requests from customers for British Shorthair Cats. It’s also very disappointing for you and your staff, as you’re going in the wrong direction.

So, clearing your message, what your business is aimed for, and what products you’re selling, is one of the main goals of creating a brand personality and a clear Identity. 

4) Happy or healthy?

Junk food has a very bad reputation, it harms our bodies in a very short time. It causes cancer, obesity, and heart diseases, yet it still makes us happy to have, and happy to eat. Making people happy is actually what you keep hearing in most junk food ads, and you can simply say that this is their essence, to keep the food fast, colorful, easy to get, cheerful, and cheap. 

But when it comes to healthy and organic food, you’ll find that their main essence is to keep you healthy, active, and feeling light. Although healthy food is a bit pricey and not that easy to get, but it’s worth it, and that is the main essence of healthy food providers.

An essence is what your company stands for in your brand personality.

5) Why do we love to hear stories of how big companies started?

Ikea started when a man smashed his table because it didn’t fit into his car’s backdoor, and this is when he decided to create foldable tables and smart furniture that fits in small places. 

A brand story is an important part of the brand personality, not only because we love hearing good stories, but more importantly because it tells us a lot about the brand and what it stands for. It also prints an unforgettable mark in our minds for this brand, and that makes the brand easier for the customers to remember.

6) Last but not least, brands show off their competitive points.

One company may have a competing price, another may have a competing quality, and both may have an interested audience. One company gets to show off its super skilled staff, another gets to show off its remarkable locations close to almost everyone. Super-fast delivery, fantastic designs, rare materials, or even great after-sales service, every company has a unique competitive point that some customers out there are eager to get, and this difference is what you should note, work on, and show off. 

This also means that you and your competitors are different on specific points, no matter how identical your products are, and that difference in each brand makes it unique and gives it something to show off amongst other brands that don’t have the same advantage. 

Hey! Where is the Visual Identity in all this?!

You see, a brand identity is more of a marketing mission than a designing mission; it’s a strategy and a study; long-term hard work. But a visual identity is the mission of interpreting all this into a drawn face for the company that its customers may see, love, trust, and connect with.

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